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Tooele County Health Department

Tooele County Health Department is working to prevent prescription drug abuse and overdose in the Tooele County area. They cover a large geographic area that serves many different populations, being so diverse and wide spread, they want to make sure that no matter where a person is, that Narcan is available in case of an emergency. Narcan, is a medication that blocks the effects of opioids and helps to reverse an overdose.
From 2012-2016, 85% of prescription drug-related overdose deaths that occurred in Tooele County involved opioids. If they can help save someone from an overdose death by using Narcan, it is another day to help them find resources and to overcome their addiction.
Narcan is helping to decrease the death rate in the county by being available in public places and providing it to the members of the community who are at high risk. For more information, visit
SelectHealth recognizes the significant impact provided by the Tooele County Health Department as another example of how Utah Gives Back.