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Family Counseling Center

The Family Counseling Center provides affordable, professional, outpatient behavioral health services to individuals, couples and families. For over 100 years, they’ve provided services to address the mental health and substance abuse needs of low and no-income people living in the Salt Lake Valley. Through its “Community Cares” program, services are offered on a sliding fee scale based on annual income, allowing each person to pay for what he or she can afford. The majority of Family Counseling Centers clients are uninsured or “working poor” individuals and families who may earn enough to pay for their basic needs, but are still unable to afford the expense of counseling.
The Center’s therapy model helps patients to discover self-awareness, increase insight into their behaviors, decrease emotional distress and learn healthy coping skills to manage their life. Today, the Family Counseling Center serves more than one thousand individuals and families each year who are suffering from grief, depression, addiction and other challenges. These services help people stabilize and live a healthier life.
SelectHealth recognizes the caring resources provided by the Family Counseling Center as another example of how Utah Gives Back.