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Nurture the Creative Mind

Amir Jackson had a challenging childhood where he felt alone and powerless, until he started writing poems. His Aunt told him that he was a good writer and to keep going. Young people just want to be seen and feel valued.
Nurture the Creative Mind Organization helps to empower and establish self-value through creativity, while developing marketable skills. They show how their talents have immediate and present value by displaying them in a variety of ways, such as outdoor piano recitals, community concerts, or creative busking opportunities.
These programs help establish a positive image assisting with their overall mental health. When you give someone the gift of belief, it plants a seed, and regardless of the winds of fear and doubt, they know that someone believes in them and that has an infinite ripple effect. If you want to be a part of this program, they are continuously seeking volunteers, guests, instructors, and collaborators.
SelectHealth recognizes the timeless support provided by the Nurture the Creative Mind as another example of how Utah Gives Back.