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Adopt A Native Elder

Traditional Navajo Elders, when young, made their living by raising their own sheep and cattle, which provided food and wool then was woven into rugs to sell. However, as they age, their lifestyles becomes more difficult to maintain because they physically can’t do the things they’ve always done. To address this need, Adopt-A-Native-Elder provides basic needs, such as food and medical supplies, as well as a visit from a healthcare provider to ensure they are receiving adequate nutrition and healthcare.
Each spring and fall volunteers go to 12 Navajo Reservation communities for Foodruns where they deliver Rainbow food boxes which contain medical supplies, food, clothing, wheelchairs, yarn, and other necessities.
You can help by “adopting” an elder that provides one elder with two sets of Rainbow Food boxes. While adoption does not necessarily mean a lifelong commitment, friendships that last a lifetime may develop between the elders and people who adopt them and even have an opportunity to meet at the Foodruns or correspond through letters.
SelectHealth recognizes the inspirational work provided by Adopt-A-Native-Elder as another example of how Utah Gives Back.