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Memory Matters Utah

People with dementia have difficulty participating in normal daily activities. Over time, they can become more isolated and cannot be left alone. Their caregiver’s workload and stress increase as the dementia progresses and, without respite, they burnout and their mental and physical health decline. Memory Matters Utah, located in St. George, addresses this issue through customized activities appropriate for those with dementia in a safe environment that also provides a few hours of relief for the caregiver.

Memory Matters Utah offers guided memory activities and fun projects three days per week for four hours per day. They aim to exercise memory and improve mood, thereby reducing isolation and improving well-being while fostering new friendships along the way.

To get involved you can volunteer to help with the activity group, support group facilitators, participate on the grant committee, or call those who have been referred to see how they are doing.

SelectHealth recognizes the comfort provided by Memory Matters Utah as another example of how Utah Gives Back.