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Courage Reins

In an effort to meet a growing need for effective therapy for those with special needs, Courage Reins stepped up to the plate with services for those who seek alternative therapy. They serve those with various physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Their goal is to achieve the best and most therapeutic experiences available.

They offer four specialized approaches to equine therapy in order to reach as many people as possible. These approaches include enhanced therapy to treat various physical and developmental impairments, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for mental and emotional growth and learning, Natural Horsemanship to strengthen leadership skills, self-awareness, as well as, Therapeutic Riding for those with special needs.

Courage Reins has more than 100 active volunteers, a herd of 20 donated horses, and are thrilled to welcome more than 100 participants a week to find healing, happiness, and strength. To volunteer, visit for a one of a kind experience.

SelectHealth recognizes the effective equine therapy provided by Courage Reins as another example of how Utah Gives Back.