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Open Wheelchair Foundation

Traditional motorized pediatric wheelchairs are expensive, heavy, bulky and require modifications to the family’s vehicle and home. The Open Wheelchair Foundation developed a solution that addresses all off these issues by creating a do-it-yourself motorized chair that you can lift with your pinky.

These chairs can be made with off the shelf components, can be assembled in a few hours, fit in a trunk of a sedan, and only costs $400. Because the frame is made of PVC, the chair can be expanded and modified as the child grows. Their goal is to bring this project to the world so that anyone can experience the joy of mobility, no matter their physical state or economic status.

The Open Wheelchair Foundation invites you to connect with families to create a chair for a child in need or to list your child as a potential recipient. If you or your organization can help out by building a chair or donating funds visit

SelectHealth recognizes the innovation of the Open Wheelchair Foundation as another example of how Utah Gives Back.