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Benefits of Being Insured

While it’s important to think about others and give back to your community, it’s also important to take care of yourself. Your emotional, mental and physical health needs to be addressed consistently and can be the best gift you can give to those you love. To help accomplish this, being insured can make you feel secure, healthy, and happy by paying for preventive services and other medical costs.

It’s important to think about health screenings that can alert you to possible health concerns. Some screenings include – having your blood pressure checked, a colonoscopy, a mammography, and other lab tests to determine your risk for chronic diseases. Take control of your health and get a preventive screening.

If you’re confused about health insurance, talk to an agent to discuss what is best for you. Open Enrollment for individual or family health plans end on December 15. Don’t wait to treat yourself to better health.

SelectHealth recognizes the importance of living well and taking care of yourself as another example of how Utah Gives Back.