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Rescue Mission

What do you do when you see a panhandler? Do you give them money? Or feel guilty if you don’t? If you’d like to give to those experiencing homelessness, the best way is to donate to organizations that can truly help them. The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake provides emergency services and addiction recovery throughout the state of Utah, regardless of their place in life, gender, race, religion, age, or diversity.

Services provided include a year-long recovery program for men and women struggling with addiction, meals, emergency shelter, clothing, personal hygiene, and much more. These services are meant to restore dignity and foster trust, so they can be guided out of poverty.

If you’d like to help, please join us on January 24th as we help to clean out the food pantry, sort clothing, and renovate the space. If you’d like to donate, visit

SelectHealth recognizes the helping hand provided by Rescue Mission Salt Lake as another example of how Utah Gives Back.