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north ogden mayor widow jennie taylor
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Mayor’s widow headed to State of the Union

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Among the Utahns who will be at tonight’s State of the Union address is Jennie Taylor, the wife of North Ogden mayor Brent Taylor who died during a recent tour in Afghanistan. She is the guest of Congressman Rob Bishop (R-Ogden).

Bishop invited Taylor to President Trump’s annual speech to say thank you for the sacrifices her family made. But he also hopes it gets the Senate to speed up passage of a bill renaming the Ogden Outstation veteran’s center in her husband’s honor.

“Maybe putting a face to that would be of some importance to those staffers and those members because they’ve heard the story, and they all respect the sacrifice the Taylor family made,” Bishop said.

The House passed the bill unanimously, and Bishop thinks it has an excellent chance in the Senate.