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Storm yields impressive snow totals

Credit: Ginger Ryan, Tooele

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s a snow storm that, in some places, hasn’t been measured in inches but in feet. The bulk of the snow storm ran over some of Northern Wasatch Range like a dump truck. Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons got up to 5 feet in some places.

Glen Merrill with the National Weather Service said Alta saw 63 inches of snow, with some valley areas receiving as much as 15 inches. Snow in the Tooele valley reached more than a foot in some places.

And in Davis County, many people were shoveling about half a foot from their sidewalks. But Merrill said the overnight part of the storm did not really impact areas farther north. He said places like Cache County and Brigham City received only received an inch or two.

Merrill also said that Southern Utah really felt the impact. He said Cedar City is shoveling out almost a foot, and Beaver had 6 inches of snow.

Snow showers are expected to continue into Thursday, with lake effect snow kicking in in areas south of the Great Salt Lake.