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Huntsman Cancer nurse skis to work

Sue Childress on her way to work Wednesday morning. (Credit: Anna Beck)

SALT LAKE CITY — Ten inches of snow wasn’t going to stop Sue Childress from making it to work Wednesday morning.

Childress, who works as the director of nursing at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, woke up to nearly a foot of snow blanketing Salt Lake City’s Avenues neighborhood.

“I shoveled my walk and shoveled my car out, went back in and had something to eat, and by the time that I got back out it was already covered again,” Childress told KSL’s Jeff Caplan.

Rather than dig her car out a second time, Childress got creative, employing a solution she’d daydreamed about in winters past.

“I’ve always said to myself, you should ski to work, it would be fun,” Childress said. “I knew the bus wasn’t coming up and it’s only two miles … so I said, okay, get on those skis.”

Childress skiied “cross country-style” from her home to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, covering about two miles of unplowed roads.

“It’s not far and I had fun doing it,” she told Caplan.

However, now that the roads have been plowed, Childress said she’s going to let her boss drive her home.