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Utah Jazz make no trades, Ricky Rubio stays put

SALT LAKE CITY – Ricky Rubio fans in Utah have a reason to be happy.  His name was swirling around the rumor mill as the NBA trade deadline approached, but, for now, Rubio is staying with the Jazz.

Team officials confirm the Jazz made no deal when the deadline passed at 1 p.m.

Some season ticket holders we spoke with were all smiles after hearing the news.  One woman said she loves Rubio.  (She actually made a point to tell me that, twice.)

“I want him staying.  I don’t know what [the team] has in mind, but, I want Rubio staying,” she says, adding, “He’s been playing good ball, and he’s just an open and friendly and loving human being.  I just love the way he is.”

The team reportedly tried to make a trade for Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies, but, some fans don’t believe he would have been much of an improvement for the Jazz.  Plus, they believe the team chemistry is extremely good, and they don’t want anything to change that.

“You want somebody who really wanted to be here, and I think Ricky Rubio wants to be here,” one man says.

How does Rubio feel about staying in Utah?  Well…

Some analysts believe it’s a good thing a deal to get Conley never materialized.  Trevor Allen is a producer with, and he says Conley was far more expensive than Rubio.

“I think [Conley] has $66 million over the next two years left on his contract.  That’s a big contract to put on your books,” Allen says.

He also says Rubio’s name wasn’t the only one being discussed.

“The Grizzlies were interested in Dante Exum, but, the Jazz didn’t want to give him up,” according to Allen.