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Boxer Rocky Lockridge, “Best Cry Ever” meme man, has died at the age of 60

Former super-featherweight boxing champion Rocky Lockridge has died at the age of 60.

As a boxer, Lockridge went 210-8 as an amateur, won the WBA junior lightweight title with a first round knock out unseating the undefeated Roger Mayweather.

But in the online world, Lockridge was better known for the “Best Cry Ever Meme” after appearing on the A&E reality show Intervention after struggling with drug problems.


The show, that aired in 2010, brought together Lockridge’s family as they brought him to an intervention to help him overcome his struggle with a cocaine addiction that left him homeless.

“He had a good heart, and he brought himself back up from the bottom,” former sparring partner Perry Dawes told

Dawes says that Lockridge’s appearance was on Intervention happened in part because of the Retired Boxers Foundation and that after the confrontation of his family, he chose to get sober.

He made up his mind that he was going to conquer his addictions,” said Jacquie Richardson of the Retired Boxers Foundation. “He got his own apartment. He carried on a life drug-free.”

Lockridge was removed from life support a week ago after suffering a number of strokes and pneumonia. He died Thursday.

News of his death started trending on Reddit late last night and has gained over 60,000 upvotes and made it to the front page.

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