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Popular Los Hermanos burns down in Provo

PROVO, Utah — A fire burned for hours Monday evening and overnight into Tuesday morning at Los Hermanos, a long-time fixture on Center Street and a popular spot for Provo residents and BYU students.

“A lot of smoke, a lot of flames, a lot of people gathered around talking about Los Hermanos and just how they’ve been eating here for 23 years,” said Provo resident Tyler Belliston said as he looked on the scene.

It appears the fire started in the basement during some time that work was being done to refinish another part of the floor.

Smoke was first seen billowing out at about 7 pm.

“There’s construction and new construction going on inside, you get old voids that are covered up inside, and the fire will run those areas,” said Provo City fire captain Dean York.

A firefighter was injured after falling down stairs and had to be taken to the hospital. They thought it could be a broken arm but it appears to be a more minor injury.

The 3-alarm blaze forced the evacuation of a next-door apartment building. A UTA bus came to give shelter to the people who evacuated.

Fire investigators are expected to be able to get into the building Tuesday to determine what caused this but after the fire and water damage, the structure is expected to be a total loss.