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Residents of apartments deemed unsafe given extra time to leave

SALT LAKE CITY – Residents who were originally told they had three days to evacuate their apartment units are now being given an extra two days to leave, according to city officials.  They say the landlord of the Georgia Apartments at 203 East 2100 South ignored repeated requests to make safety improvements, which include getting the building up to fire code.

As of Thursday morning, residents in 24 of those units have arranged for other housing, six units are currently arranging alternate housing, and only one unit is “not yet engaged,” according to a statement from the city.

Fire officials have extended the 24-hour “fire watch” which was implemented when evacuations were initially ordered, until noon Saturday.  The city will then allow residents to be escorted in to collect personal items left behind, say officials.

The violations at the complex are numerous, including fire escapes not up to code, missing fire extinguishers, missing smoke detectors and non-functional sprinkler systems.  Some tenants complain of no heat and the presence of mold and insects that are spreading inside the complex.

The fire marshal is also concerned that frigid cold temperatures have frozen the building’s sprinkler pipes making them innefective.