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lead in drinking water
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Sandy lifts “no-drink order” after lead, copper found in water

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UPDATE 2/17 8:00 PM: Sandy City has lifted the “no-drink order” for 600 homes in the 1700 E to 2000 E and 10600 S to 11400 S neighborhood. Tests on 192 homes showed levels of lead and copper below safety standards.

UPDATE 2/17, 10:30 AM: Sandy City has lifted the “no-drink order” for part of the city potentially affected by high metal content in the water. The No Drink Order is lifted for the area between 700 East to 1700 East and 10600 South and 11400 South, encompassing approximately 2,200 homes.

Results from 17 samples taken around the area show that all levels of metals have returned to safe drinking levels. Additionally, samples taken at Altara Elementary, Sunrise Elementary and Alta High School showed no elevated levels of metals.

The area between 1700 East and 2000 East and 10600 South and 11400 South remains under a No Drink Order at this time.


SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has confirmed that Sandy’s drinking water has elevated levels of lead and copper.

The DEQ completed testing on the drinking water after a device that feeds fluoride into the water system failed during last week’s snowstorm. This is causing the chemical to eat away at the pipes. The department estimates about 450 residents are impacted.

Director of the Division of Drinking Water for Utah, Marie Owens, says they had been monitoring fluoride levels in the system.

“They took two lead and copper samples in their system while they were investigating the situation,” Owens said. “Those results came back and were given to us, the Division of Drinking Water, and those results came back quite high for lead and copper.”

The DEQ confirms this is only affecting Sandy and is not valley wide. The area affected in Sandy ranges north to south from 10600 S. to 11400 S., and east to west from 700 E. to 2000 E.

Sandy City believes the fluoride overfeed started on Tuesday. It has now flushed its system, which has returned to normal levels of fluoride. But Owens says it’s not clear how long the levels of copper and lead will be elevated.

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