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Utah close to passing fake urine bill

close up of patient and doctor taking notes

A bill that would criminalize fake urine is moving closer to becoming part of the state law.

On Friday, the Utah House of Representatives voted 61-8 to pass HB16.

The bill is intended to prevent fraudulent drug and alcohol test results where a urine sample is analyzed.

Possessing, distributing, or selling synthetic urine for the purpose of cheating on a drug or alcohol screening would be criminalized under the bill.

Adding a substance to genuine urine to mask the presence of alcohol or drugs for the purpose of getting false results is also criminalized by the bill.

Using another person’s urine for passing a drug or alcohol screening is criminalized under the bill.

The bill does make an exception for creating fake urine for educational purposes or for scientific or medical research.

The bill next goes to the Senate for consideration.