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Tara Porath, Matheson Junior High

The following was submitted by Joseph Porath.

“Now this nomination is coming from Tara’s husband which is a little bias, but I feel most qualified to share why I feel she deserves to be nominated. Tara wakes up every morning around 5:30AM to get ready for school. She takes the time to get her two boys ready for the day and leaves the house by 6:30 arriving to school about 7:00AM. At this time she grades, prepares, and talks to students as they start coming in. Tara teaches US history and is the department chair. Tara is a strict teacher who demands the most out of her students yet encourages them and motivates them through unique engaging activities. Tara makes her classes dynamic bringing to life past history. Many of the struggling students in her school mention, “Mrs. Porath teaching just makes sense.” The behavior of these students changes when they meet with Mrs. Porath.

In addition to Mrs. Porath’s teaching she has always been involved with the students. She led Hope Squad (an organization for at risk youth), she has led the Student Body Officers, she has worked on committees to improved the overall education experience of the students, she is department chair. All of these things show the care and attention she gives to her kids. In addition she coaches high school girls soccer at Cyprus high. Now if you looked at the record of the team there would be obvious disappointment, but if you evaluate the growth and life lessons the girls learned from the coaching and mentoring by Mrs. Porath you will see the impact she really has. Now when she is not working with the kids she is preparing to make their life better. I see her at night sewing senior blankets together by herself. I see her researching new teaching ideas and methods she will implement. I also see her heart broken over the kids and situations she can’t control.

Tara Porath works hard and goes above and beyond in the classroom and extracurriculars. In addition she is a wonderful wife and mother taking care of anyone in her needs. Daily I see Tara waking up early and going to bed late to improve the overall life’s of the students she teaches. This is why I nominate Tara Porath as Utah’s best teacher. The prizes mean nothing to me, but the recognition for an underappreciated job is important.”