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Provo officer shot
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Soccer game assault leads to felony crime

WEST VALLEY – A local man got more than a red card — he has been charged with a felony crime, for reportedly getting too rough during a recreational league soccer game.

Court documents say 41-year-old Ethan Harris was competing for the ball with another man at Falcon Park in Sandy in October.

The man positioned himself to protect the ball, and felt Harris collide with him and push him hard from the back.

Then he says Harris grabbed him from the back, wrapped his arms around him, picked him up and threw him down to the ground like a martial artist.

It broke the man’s collar bone.

Sandy Police got involved and spoke to the referee. Court documents say Harris claimed the other man elbowed him first, but the referee told police he did not see that happen.

Harris was charged on Wednesday with the aggravated assault, which is a second degree felony.