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Family hospitalized after propane explosion blows roof off cabin

Credit: Mandy White

DUCK CREEK VILLAGE, Kane County — A family was transported from Kane County to the Dixie Regional Medical Center by medical helicopter after a propane explosion.

A couple, their child and the Falcon’s Nest Cabins’ site manager were all released from the hospital on Sunday after being treated for smoke inhalation and slight burns, according to Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District Chief Casey Tuttle.

The explosion occurred shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday. A regulator on a propane heater malfunctioned, Tuttle said, causing flames to shoot up and spark an explosion.

The roof of the cabin where the explosion occurred was blown off, and four other cabins were damaged by falling debris and fire. Debris flew 70-100 yards from the cabin, according to Tuttle.

First responders were dispatched from Kane County, Garfield County, Panguitch Lake, Panguitch, Kanab and Orderville. They worked until nearly 5 a.m. in subzero temperatures and several feet of snow.