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Utah lawmakers support bill allowing crime victims to review their own cases

File photo. Photo credit: Utah State Capitol

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah lawmakers are getting behind a bill that would give crime victims and their families another chance at solving their case.

“Instead of just being told no, we’ve done everything we can, we can have another agency look at it” Rep. Steve Eliason said.

This is in hopes those investigations do not get forgotten or languish with no progress.

If after a year, nothing seems to be happening on a case, the victim or the victim’s family would be able to review the investigation and request a fresh look. Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross says his association of police chiefs supports the bill, but he wanted to make this point during a hearing.

“Please don’t lose sight of how many of these cases detectives take with them, day in and day out, when they retire, and it haunts them,” Ross said. “This is not driven by lack of desire or interest; often times lack of finding answers that we all want.”

It passed the house and is moving forward in the senate. It would only be for violent crime, like felonies or murder.