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Say Cheese! Latest viral challenge has people cheesing babies

Screenshot from a tweet by @Stacinatorrr

After a year of teenagers eating laundry detergent and driving with their eyes closed or jumping out of moving vehicles, the latest viral internet challenge now has people throwing cheese at babies.


The #cheesechallenge is now the latest viral challenge to take the internet by storm and it’s pretty simple: all you need is a slice of American cheese and an unsuspecting toddler.

The trend started on Thursday in a since-removed video by Twitter user @unclehxlmes. The video showed someone walking up to his unsuspecting younger sibling before flinging the slice of cheese into his face. The video had about 8 million views before it was taken down after it was discovered that @unclehxlmes wasn’t the original poster but stole it from a post he’d seen earlier on Facebook.

But that hasn’t stopped the rest of the internet from flooding the social sphere with thousands of videos just like this of people throwing pasteurized dairy product onto the faces of their unsuspecting children.

Some of the kids didn’t seem phased and even take a big bite afterward, some don’t know what’s going on, and some ended up shedding a tear or two after getting “cheesed.”

The fad isn’t just sticking around with those that have kids. Even pet owners are getting in on the action and are cheesing their dogs and cats, most of whom really enjoy the dairy slice.

Some even improvised when no babies or cheese could be found.

The challenge does have its critics, though, with people calling it mean and criticizing parents that would do something like this to their babies.