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North Ogden mayor Brent Taylor.
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Bill passes to rename Ogden VA after Major Brent Taylor

Remembering Major Brent Taylor: North Ogden mayor Brent Taylor.

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill 417-0 to rename the Veterans Affairs in North Ogden after the late Major Brent Taylor who died while serving in Afghanistan.

Utah Senator Mike Lee wrote the legislation which passed in the Senate last month.

“In every aspect of his life, Major Taylor was a shining example of patriotism, sacrifice, and service,” said Lee. “It is only right that we honor his extraordinary life and hope others are inspired by it.

“To that end, it is a fitting tribute to rename the Ogden veterans’ center as the ‘Major Brent Taylor Vet Center Outstation.'”

Congressman Rob Bishop delivered his remarks to the Utah State Legislature on Tuesday as well. He let lawmakers know about the legislation as well. He also said he was told it would not come to a vote until Memorial Day so he is grateful for the timing.

He then released a statement after it passed:

“Utah will be forever indebted to Major Brent Taylor and his beautiful family. While the naming of a building will never repay the debt we owe, it can stand as a reminder of the willingness of Major Taylor to give his life in defense of the freedoms that make America great. Veterans can count on this facility for a wide range of support. Each time someone visits this important facility, they will be reminded of the hero of North Ogden. Major Taylor lived a life a service and ultimately laid down his life for his friends, family, and country.”

Major Brent Taylor was the mayor of North Ogden. He was a member of the Utah National Guard and died last November while serving overseas.

It now awaits signature from the President.