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Valentine’s is Long Since Over: Here are 5 Year Round Ways You Can Continue to Share the Love with Some Delicious Recipes

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This article on food recipes to share the love is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping! 

Okay, Valentines is long since over. But how are you keeping the love alive? One of the easiest ways to someone else’s heart might just be through their stomach. Food and love are so closely related in our brains. So share the love by firing up those ovens, cause it’s time to bake some love for the loved one in your life. Just click on the title links for the recipe.

Shortbread Hearts

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With only a little bit of time (approximately 35 mins + chilling and cooling time) and just a few ingredients, you can easily throw together some of these flaky cookies that melt in your mouth. Plus Dip them in chocolate for the ultimate yum factor.

Honey, I Loaf You

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Believe it or not, making your own homemade garlic bread is easier than you might think. Combine a few ingredients, brush onto some bread and bake. As long as you follow the directions, you likely won’t start a fire.

Cherry Kiss Cookies

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This recipe is a little more difficult but is also sooo worth it. With the effort you will put into these little cherry flavored cookies, the pay off will be well worth the hard work. and who doesn’t love

Little Touch of Paris

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So, the super simple garlic bread went over too well. Now, you’ve been serving it up for the last two weeks and everyone is tired of the same thing. Good news! This recipe practically makes itself and offers a little bit more than just bread. Serve these yummy little crescent rolls for any italian meal, or even better, the next recipe…

Hearts on Fire Pizza

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If you can think of a better way to finish off a recipe list than pizza, I’d like to hear it. These little heart-shaped pizzas will satisfy the largest of hunger. Plus, you can customize them however you see fit. Would you rather have Hawaiian style, swap out the pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and the peppers for some tasty ham and pineapple slices. Don’t like mushrooms? Just leave them off.

Need a Little More Help to Share the Love?

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