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Snowstorm poses problems for school bus driver community

WEST JORDAN — Dennis Durant planned his routes last night because he knew the storm was coming. The bus driver for the Jordan School District was able to drop his kids off on time.

But other bus drivers across northern Utah weren’t so lucky.

Many ran into icy roads, clogged streets, cars and trucks cutting them off, and accidents between other drivers.

“There were several times when I could see multiple police officers in one location, multiple accidents, and I had to figure out quickly how to avoid those areas, ” Durant said.

One bus slid off the road in Lehi, though no one was hurt, while an Alpine School District got into a non-injury crash on Route 92. The bus that came to pick up the kids had trouble getting to them.

Jordan, Murray, Alpine, and Granite school districts waived tardies because some buses were an hour late.