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Spring Pantry Cleaning: 4 Steps to Clean Up Your Pantry and Find Your Food!

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This article on spring pantry cleaning is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping! 

It’s spring. Do you know what that means? It’s time to clean the house. Specifically, time to clean out your kitchen pantry. While this may not be the most fun thing to do, it has to be done. Because, well, have you looked in your pantry lately? It’s a mess! Plus you have a can of food in there from 2006! It’s probably not good anymore. Here are 4 steps for Pantry Spring Cleaning that will help you get rid of the fat. Because there actually might be some fat in there you’ll have to throw away.

1. Clear it Out

Photo: Empty Pantry by Rubbermaid Products under CC BY 2.0

Clear out everything from here and put it somewhere else.  Wipe everything down with a detergent that smells clean enough to prove to your wife that you actually did this step.  This may also be a good time to check the expiration dates on some of your food.  Pitch the bad stuff.

2. Organize

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Do some quick organizing of your food into categories.  You can group similar food items together, or you can maybe group together entire meals in baskets.  It’s up to you.  Keep the food you use most in easy-to-reach places.

3. Stay Organized

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Third, consider picking up some extra stuff to help keep things organized.  Clear containers can be a quick way to not only store food, but they also let you know when you’re running low.  Can racks and lazy Susans don’t cost a lot, and they can make maximum use of shelf space.  The goal is to be able to quickly see what you have.

4. Get a Treat for You After Spring Pantry Cleaning

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After you’re done quickly go to your local neighborhood Maceys store to get a kong cone to replenish all the brain power you’ve used thus far. While you’re at Maceys, though, you can pick up some of the food staples you know you need in your now super-clean pantry.