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‘Project Recovery’ seeks to help people escape addiction

A new podcast launching this week highlights the struggles of addiction and recovery through the eyes of a man who knows all too well what can happen.

Casey Scott co-hosts Project Recovery. He told the hosts of Utah’s Morning News he is using this podcast to help put his life back together by helping others do the same.

In September 2018, Scott, a local radio and TV personality, was arrested and charged with a DUI. Through the podcast, he opens up about what happened to him with the help of a clinical psychologist, Dr. Matthew Woolley.

A private story of addiction turned public

Through the podcast, Scott recalls the moment he knew he needed help, back in September. He was on his back, just out of a serious car wreck with serious injuries.

He had been driving drunk.

Scott told KSL NewsRadio hosts Amanda Dickson and Brian Martin that Wednesday marks 198 days since his last alcoholic drink. He said that he had not gone 198 days without alcohol since he was 14 years old.

He knew he needed help, Scott told Dickson and Martin; he also knew every day would be an internal battle to beat addiction, and he would need more help than he could give himself.

Scott admits that he used alcohol as a means of escape and as a way to deal with stress and problems.

Getting help: the road to recovery

Dr. Woolley identifies Scott as being one of many who tries to handle addiction on their own, without seeking outside help.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much of their life they give control away to their addiction. Their jobs, their relationships, their ability to just enjoy and know who they are,” Woolley said.

Scott and Woolley intend to cover a variety of destructive addictions, including drugs, alcohol, pornography, overeating, and others that affect Utahns and others nationwide.

“We want to highlight not just what the addictions are and help people realize, maybe, ‘Wow, maybe I’ve got an addiction,’ but really, where do you go?” Woolley explained.

Scott says the podcast is not intended to heal people. The key is to start the process.

The first episode is below. You can also subscribe and listen free anywhere you get podcasts.

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