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Utah couple endures harrowing cruise ship crisis

The cruise ship Viking Sky lays at anchor in heavy seas, after it sent out a Mayday signal because of engine failure in windy conditions, near Hustadvika, off the west coast of Norway, Saturday March 23, 2019. The Viking Sky is forced to evacuate its 1,300 passengers. (Frank Einar Vatne / NTB scanpix via AP)

MOLDE, NORWAY – A cruise ship came within about 300 feet of running aground from the North Sea off of Norway on Saturday, and a Utah couple was aboard ship.

Rosemary and Dennis Hullinger were among 900 passengers and crew stranded aboard the Viking Sky cruise ship due to engine failure.

Huge waves crashed against the ship, injuring passengers and shaking everything that wasn’t bolted down.

Passengers say the whole ship was swaying, with some damage to windows and doors, bringing cold water onto the ship.

The Hullingers captured part of the sea-born commotion on video.

Utah family air-lifted from cruise ship

A Utah family that was rescued from a cruise ship off Norway via helicopter sent Dave and Dujanovic video from inside the ship. Take a look:

Posted by KSL Newsradio on Monday, March 25, 2019

Reports of injuries on the ship include cuts, bruises, and broken bones.

Five helicopters flew out to the luxury liner to evacuate the injured and others, totaling 479 people lifted to safety.

The Hullingers were among those air-lifted via a rescue helicopter.

After the evacuation, the Utah couple spent some time in the area of Molde, Norway. Molde is small municipality on a Norwegian peninsula. The area has been occupied since at least the 16th century.

They were later permitted to return to the ship, along with other passengers, to gather personal belongings.

Making their way back home may not be quick or simple, with the large number of displaced persons suddenly on the ground in the Scandinavian nation.

The Hullingers say they are looking to charter a plane back to London on their way back to the United States.