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Lehi life flight playhouse accident
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Lehi boy hospitalized after backyard playhouse accident

Photo credit: Lesa Ramirez

LEHI — A five-year-old boy was critically injured while playing in a backyard playhouse, resulting in an accidental near-strangling.

Authorities say he became entangled in a jump rope that appears to have been attached to the slide in the backyard play area of a home near 1700 West and 400 South in Lehi. The rope wrapped around his neck, nearly strangling him.

Fire officials say they’re frequently called out to treat kids that injure themselves while playing, but, Lehi Fire Captain Shad Hatfield says this particular accident was especially bizarre.

“Typically, we’ll respond to accidents involving falls or entrapments in different playground equipment,” he says, adding “This is one of the more uncommon, or ‘freak’ accidents.”

The boy was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in critical but stable condition.

This accident has Hatfield calling on parents to make sure they’re mindful of their children while they’re playing.  Plus, there are more hidden dangers than the ones on the playsets.

“[Secure] everything from playground equipment to making sure your sheds are secure,” Hatfield said.

He says kids frequently hurt themselves on the sharp objects or dangerous chemicals in sheds.

(Contributing: Paul Nelson)