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Utah foster care funding
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Utah Foster Care

In Utah, over 2,900 children are waiting for adoption while in foster care. Many of them will be in foster care for about 12 months. Families who decide to foster have a unique opportunity to provide support and mentor these children while they wait to return home or find their forever family.

Utah Foster Care is dedicated to finding, training, and supporting Utah families willing to provide nurturing homes for those in foster care. Their mission is to develop innovative strategies to help recruit, train, and preserve foster families. Since their inception, they have helped more than 12,000 families create a place of safety, warmth, and love for children waiting for adoption. They provide resources to parents and families interested in getting involved and those already supporting foster children in their homes.

For more information on becoming a foster family, please visit Utah Foster

SelectHealth recognizes the abundance of love and support provided by Utah Foster Care as another example of how Utah Gives Back.