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Rep. Chris Stewart
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Rep. Chris Stewart says democrats’ focus on Mueller report will cost them in 2020

File photo of Rep. Chris Stewart. (Photo: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News)

Utah congressman Rep. Chris Stewart told Fox News on Friday, with the release of the Mueller report, that the head of the House Intelligence Committee, democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, needs to lay off the collusion rhetoric against President Trump.

Rep. Schiff continues to publicly claim he has seen evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 election.

Rep. Stewart says Rep. Schiff doesn’t have the evidence because the evidence does not exist. Rep. Stewart denies that the House Intelligence Committee has received any such information.

“It’s not like he’s gotten some secret briefings the rest of us don’t have,” Stewart told Fox News.

Rep. Stewart says those who have reviewed the report have also come to that conclusion of no collusion.

“They said we see no evidence of collusion, and I think it’s just that simple,” Stewart says.

According to Stewart, if democrats continue to focus on the Mueller report it will cost the Democratic Party.

“I think it’s to our [the Republicans’] political benefit for them to continue this investigation. The American people are exhausted by it.”

Rep. Stewart wants everyone to be able to see every word of the report that took twenty-two months to complete. If the American people cannot read it for themselves, the nation will not be able to put the investigation in the past. Without full disclosure of the report, Americans could be led to believe that the government is hiding something.

“If anything is redacted,” Stewart told Fox, “then you’re going to have these conspiracy theorists who will point to that, and say, ‘Well, that’s where the collusion is. They’re just hiding it from us.”