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Teen allegedly jabs fellow Brighton High student with needle

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — A Brighton High School student is looking at possible charges after he reportedly stabbed another student with a needle during class this week.

KSL received an email tip from a parent at Brighton High School who claimed one student was injected with a hypodermic needle by another student.  Canyons School District Spokesman Jeff Haney is able to confirm that’s what it was.

“[It’s] an implement in the jewelry making class and there was a student that was punctured in that class,” Haney says.  He adds, “We don’t believe the incident occurred out of malice, but it did occur.”

Considering this case involves juveniles, Haney says there are a lot of details he’s not allowed to discuss.  For instance, he’s not allowed to confirm whether or not the device had any kind of liquid that was injected into the student.  Plus, he’s not allowed to discuss the kind of discipline the boy faced.

“There are federal privacy laws that prevent me from telling you what, if any, discipline was given to any student,” he says.

However, Haney can confirm they called the Cottonwood Heights Police Department to handle the investigation.

Police Lieutenant Dan Bartlett says, “We got a complaint, it was investigated and we screened charges with the District Attorney’s office.”