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University of Utah restricts travel
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Regents OK tuition changes across Utah’s higher ed system

The University of Utah is receiving a nearly $200,000 grant to test coronavirus particles against temperature and humidity. (Photo: Jordan Allred / Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Utah Board of Regents has approved changes to tuition amounts across the state’s public higher education system for the coming year.

The Deseret News reports the changes are specific to individual institutions within the system. For example, there will be no tuition change at Southern Utah University, while Dixie State University will see a 5 percent increase.

The University of Utah’s tuition is increasing by 3.2 percent.

Utah State University’s is going up 3.25 percent at most campuses. Its Eastern and Blanding campuses’ increases are set for 4.2 percent.

Overall, the tuition will amount to an average 2.46 percent increase across all schools. In the past, regents set a standard percentage increase for all schools.

The changes come after the institutions proposed their requested changes to regents. The board approved all changes as requested.