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Marie Miller, Wooddruff Elementary

The following was submitted by Nicole Izatt.

“Teachers can make or break a child’s love for learning. They are so much more than someone teaching math or English, they become part of our “village”. As parents we hope and pray our kids are doing well and are accepted at school. We hope that the teacher has patience and understanding with them, because we know how trying it can be. Mrs. Miller does all those things and more!

My oldest daughter gets the opportunity to have Marie Miller for two years in a row! We couldn’t be more pleased that Mrs. Miller moved up to teach third grade after she taught my daughter in second grade also. She is amazing, kind, caring and smart. I honestly tear up thinking of all she sacrifices for her students to show them how loved and supported they are not only in her classroom but outside of school as well. Mrs. Miller does her best to attend something special the kids are doing in their personal lives. She attended my daughters baptism this past summer and she also goes to other students athletic events. The smiles and excitement they show for their teacher coming to these events says it all. It means everything to them!
Mrs. Miller recently told me and other moms how she believed the kids need to have more room in her classroom to learn and explore and feel comfortable instead of sitting at a desk all day. She spent extra time to apply for a grant to make this happen for our students. How awesome is that?! She just found out today that the grant was approved and our kids will be getting bean bags, small tables, yoga balls and other different seating in the class! I’m beyond thrilled to have her look out for not just the well-being and education of our kids but also always looking for ways to make it even better.

I’ve watched a lot of these students grow in confidence in their abilities thanks to Mrs. Miller. She is such a wonderful teacher and wants all the best things for her students.

I know this application said to write three paragraphs but I could go on for days about Mrs. Miller and why she is so deserving of this. I know all the other parents who have or have had students in her class know how worthy she is of some recognition. She’s so humble about how amazing she is and brushes off all our compliments and appreciation like this is all normal for a teacher. It’s not. She goes so far above and beyond for her students. I’m so grateful for her being a part of our village and helping us raise good, educated and loved kids. Please consider Mrs. Miller for this award. I can’t think of a more deserving person.”