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Woman hit by two cars in Salt Lake City

Police responded to investigate after a woman crossing South Temple near Redwood Road was hit by two different cars on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. Photo credit: Kelli Pierce

SALT LAKE CITY — Police say a woman crossing South Temple Wednesday morning was hit by two cars. She was in the crosswalk at the time.

Detective Michael Ruff says the victim had gotten halfway across South Temple in Salt Lake City when the light changed at Redwood Road, and two drivers who didn’t see her went through the intersection.

“After she was hit by that first vehicle, she came off that vehicle, was hit by a second vehicle,” Ruff said.

Drugs and alcohol are not suspected in the crash, but Detective Ruff says it was dark and rainy at the time, while the woman was reported to be wearing dark clothing.

She was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, but she is expected to survive.