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How would you react if you found drugs in your home?

What should a parent do if they suspect that their children may have brought illegal drugs into their home?

On Thursday, Dave and Dujanovic found themselves in the middle of a real-life “what would you do” situation, after Dave Noriega related his own experience with an unexpected discovery at home.

Are these drugs?

Noriega was shocked to find a small bag containing a green, leafy, plant-like substance in his home earlier this week. His first reaction, like many parents would have had in the same situation, was anger, frustration, and worry.

He immediately began an investigation. He questioned his children if it was marijuana.

these "drugs" turned out to be catnip

(Photo: Dave Noriega)

He sent a picture of the suspicious substance to a friend in law enforcement. The officer said he couldn’t tell for sure what it was from the photo. He’d need to see it in person.

Noriega, the officer friend said, might be able to identify it from taste or smell.

He looked at it, smelled it, and finally tasted it to determine what it was. No luck.

Finally, the family’s eight-year-old piped up. He knew where the baggie came from.

Mystery solved: Dave Noriega had just tasted catnip.

Drugs in the home

Dave Noriega realized his family had no plan to determine what to do if someone brings drugs into the home.

Parents should know the warning signs of drug use among family members, co-host Debbie Dujanovic said on Thursday’s show.

Recently, she related, an exhibit in North Carolina was set up to test parents’ ability to see the warning signs of drug use. In the mock-up room were eighty signs that suggested drug use.

To most people, the soda can on the floor of the teen’s room looks innocent. But in this example, that soda can had a hole drilled into the bottom to conceal drugs.

What happens if you find real drugs?

The outcome for the family depends on the level of drugs found in the home, Dave & Dujanovic learned.

Debbie Dujanovic spoke with a law enforcement agent who said the presence of marijuana could lead to drug counseling, but the presence of a harder drug, such as heroin, could lead to juvenile court or more serious consequences.

Civil asset forfeiture laws in Utah mean a homeowner could potentially lose the house if law enforcement finds illegal drugs in the house.

Dave and Dujanovic say that parents should be prepared to know what to do if drugs are found in the home.

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