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Emmy award winning actor to bring a little bit of Hollywood to Utah

You may know him from his career on television – on daytime dramas “All My Children,” and “Bold and the Beautiful.” He’s actor/singer/songwriter Jacob Young, and he’s looking for some talented young people between the ages of 7 and 17 for a free open call on April 13th.  The event will be held at The School of Dance, 1400 S. Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.  The initial open-call precedes a series of classes this Spring that will, among other things, divide along age and experience and concentrate on the basics of reading a script, and acting techniques.

“Just to get people interested, get them to understand what we’re doing and let everyone know a little more about Actors Technique New York, we’ll start with on-camera, teaching young people what’s the difference between being on-stage and on-camera, and that’s really what this main class is going to be about initially,” says Young.

Following the free audit class, a series of classes will begin on April 27th, costing $445.00 for the six week program.  Young says the classes will run about two hours on Saturdays.  There will be t-shirts for participants and, even more importantly, kids will get hands-on tutorials from actors, producers, writers and directors from stage and screen.

“It really pays for itself.  Kids are gonna get the full experience and be able to basically physically reach out and touch Hollywood and understand what it’s really about and get great advice from so many people who have worked at the highest levels in the business,” according to Young.

Jacob is raising tuition money for kids in the foster care system, and has a good reason.  He, too was in the system for a time, and believes the added pressures of that life contribute to an enormous level of talent these kids can possess.  He says he wishes there had been classes available at that point in his life that would have given him a head start not only in show business, but in life.  He says he feels very connected to Utah’s foster system and has set up a GoFundMe page to help kids get into classes at no charge.


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