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Tax reform talk to restart in Utah this week

File: Utah State Capitol

The things you pay taxes on, and the amount you pay, could change this year. Tax reform discussions are expected to begin again this week.

The plan has been to add sales taxes to a wide variety of services — hair cuts, real estate transactions, lawn care and much more — with the idea to lower the overall rate.

There was a lot of buzz and controversy during the general 2019 Legislative session, and it was shelved until a later date.

The Deseret News reports that this week leaders will begin formal discussions on the process, and settle on the makeup of a task force. The governor wants a special session as soon as there is consensus.

Other ideas will also be discussed, including restoring the full sales tax on food, boosting statewide property taxes, and amending the constitution to that income tax can go to other things besides education. They say it’s to fix the structure of the system, not generate new revenue.