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Erin Teuscher, Herriman high school

The following was submitted by Alexia Arredondo.

“Walking into my senior year I decided to challenge myself with a concurrent enrollment English class. I have struggled as a writer over my years as a student and this was a challenge that I feared. Meeting my new teacher made me feel comfortable in the class and gave me confidence. Ms. Teuscher taught me to believe in myself and that over time I could develop writing skills that would carry me through my next coming years as a student. Along the way I made mistakes and had a variety of questions on the topics she taught us, Ms. Teuscher was very patient with me and gave me her attention when I needed it most through the challenging course. When I needed her to be honest with me I received just that and this is what strengthened me as a writer. Having my mistakes and flaws pointed out on my papers drove me to want to fix things and get the highest grade I could receive.

After the semester ended and I did not have her class anymore, I found myself needing help filling out some scholarship essays. I asked Ms. Teuscher for help and she was very sweet and nice when offering help and guidance. She asked me questions and had conversations with me so that I could hear what I needed to write. As we talked she brought up that I should be a university ambassador. This really inspired me to look into this and pursue it. Being an athlete, this was out of my comfort zone. She helped me apply by guiding me through two essays and an awesome resume. I went on to the final rounds of decisions where she stood by me in all of my challenges. Due to the encouragement to step out of my box and explore something I have never even thought of pursuing, I am a University of Utah Ambassador.

Erin Teuscher is someone who influences strong morals and principles into her students. She teaches us to push passed peer pressure and that life is enjoyable when we surround ourselves with the people that we want to be. Ms. Teuscher also teaches us that we do not have to have everything figured out, we simply need to choose a direction and do our very best in whatever that brings us. She is an inspiration to us all and has a heart bigger than I thought anyone could hold. Her natural tendency to give and help others has change me in ways that I am ever grateful for. Ms. Teuscher has made me not only a better student but also a better person.”