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Ax-ident avoided! Colorado ax thrower narrowly avoids injury

(screenshot) taken from Instagram user ainsrae shows the axe that took a bad bounce and flew back towards her.

DENVER — Quick reflexes saved Ainsley Rae after an ax took a nasty bounce at a popular ax throwing bar.

“At first I didn’t know what actually happened but then over time, watching it over and over again, I just started laughing at myself,” Rae told Inside Edition of the terrifying moment. “Oh my gosh, I am so glad I didn’t get hit in the head.”

Mario Zelaya, a representative for Bad Axe Throwing, told Fox News that this throw wasn’t just a one-in-a-million throw, but more like a one-in-fifteen-million throw.

Coaches at the Bad Axe, which every customer is paired with, have been ” trying to replicate Rae’s throw for research purposes, though they have yet to be successful. Bad Axe also confirmed that it is taking measures to prevent anything like this from happening again, including looking at new types of handles.”