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Clearfield High infield gets all clear

The Clearfield High School baseball team's infield has been cleared for use after it was dowsed with diesel and set on fire to dry out. Photo: Getty Images

CLEARFIELD,  Utah — The Clearfield Falcons can fly again. The high school baseball team’s infield has been given the all-clear from the Davis Health Department, after the soil contamination problem.

The district says a baseball coach put gasoline and diesel parts of the infield, then lit them on fire to try and dry it out.

That coach was put on leave, but Thursday morning the district said he was back to his regular coaching duties.

The district spent about $6,000 on cleanup and testing. Spokesman Chris Williams says they are grateful it wasn’t higher because he says it could have been $300,000 to replace the infield dirt.

A company drilled about 25 holes around the infield, ranging from just below the surface to 6 inches deep and determined no further action is required at this time.

The team has been playing their home games elsewhere, but now they can use their own field again.

“We did take it very seriously. It is not a common practice, we don’t encourage it,” said Williams.