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Salt Lake and Davis County Republicans elect new leadership

Cottonwood High School. (Courtesy: Granite School District)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake County and Davis County Republican parties elected new county leadership on Saturday at their respective County Conventions.

More than 700 Salt Lake County residents gathered at Cottonwood High School on Saturday morning to vote on internal leadership positions and elect new members of the Utah GOP’s State Central Committee.

Sitting SLC GOP chairman Scott Miller was re-elected after running unopposed, as was treasurer Benjamin Morton. Scott Rosenbush was elected Vice Chair and Reed Taylor was elected secretary.

“We had great candidates running for leadership and we thank each one of them for their efforts and desire to serve,” Miller said in a press release about the convention. ” Those elected have the experience and dedication needed as we elevate our Party throughout 2019 and into the all important 2020 election cycle.”

Miller also noted that leadership covers more of Salt Lake County than it has in “a number of years,” citing Rosenbush’s influence in North Salt Lake and the central city.

Davis County Republicans ousted their party chair Teena Horlacher and vice chair Helen Watts, electing Daniela Harding and Karece Thompson to fill their respective seats. Horlacher was later chosen as a member of the SCC.


Miller said the SCC elections in Salt Lake County were run with a “spirit of unity and inclusiveness.”

“I am very pleased with the over-all sense of unity and support that permeated our meetings this morning and afternoon,” Miller said. “Our candidates show a tremendous willingness to serve and they understand the importance of a united and disciplined Party.”