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motorcyclist, UDOT setting up for building West Davis County's new freeway
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Motorcyclist killed in crash into power box off Legacy Parkway

Legacy Parkway in Davis County. (Photo: Ravell Call / Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah Highway Patrol officials say a motorcyclist who hadn’t completed a rider safety course is dead after a crash.

They say speed and inexperience may have contributed to the fatal accident Saturday evening in Davis County that killed 36-year-old Michael Frederickson.

Authorities say Frederickson went off the Legacy Parkway and crashed into a power box.

They say there were no witnesses to the crash.

The Deseret News reports a nearby resident heard the crash, looked out the window, saw a cloud of dust and called 911.

Frederickson was pronounced dead at the scene.