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The Thrill of the Hunt: 3 Ways You Can Stump your Young Ones in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Photo: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

This article on the annual Easter egg hunt is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping! 

It’s that time of the year when many creative parents seek new hiding spots for their kids’ Easter eggs. Hiding the hard-boiled eggs you colored the night before or the plastic candy-filled variety of eggs can be fun for the whole family, and can be a great activity to start up some competition between kids. Here are some easy ideas on how you can stump your young ones in the annual Easter egg hunt.

1. Above and Beyond

Photo: Storyblocks

Make the older kids work for it indoors. Place some eggs on top of curtain rods and behind cushions. Just focus on the candy eggs with the older kids. There’s no sense in using the hard-boiled eggs where they could be dropped or crushed. But for the little ones, keep the eggs within reach. They’ll love the adventure no matter what.

2. Outdoors

Photo: Markus Spiske, Unsplash

Once outside, you’re going to have a lot more options. For the little ones, just scattering on the grass will keep them busy for a bit.  For older kids, consider mailboxes, gutter drains, tree limbs, etc. You get bonus points if you can match the color of the egg with the hiding spot.

3. In Plain Sight

Photo: Hannah Tasker, Unsplash


Some of the best hiding spots are in plain sight.  Inside blenders (just don’t turn the blender on!), on top of the fridge, lampshades.  You’ll laugh when you see how many times the kids walk right past them. You’ll definitely want to have your camera or phone ready to catch all the action!

Easter is the Best Family Time

When all is said and done, feast on some deviled eggs or jelly beans and enjoy the family time. Just don’t forget about the boiled eggs no one found. Or else 3 weeks from now you’ll find quite the stink in your garden!

Whether it’s the candy, the eggs, or both, be sure to head down to your local neighborhood Maceys store to prepare for your easter adventure!