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south salt lake body cam police shooting
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South Salt Lake shooting body cam video released

SALT LAKE CITY — Investigators have released 911 calls, traffic camera video and police body cam video from a chase that ended with an officer-involved shooting in South Salt Lake earlier this month.

Police received multiple reports of shots fired in downtown Salt Lake City on April 8, which led up to the police pursuit of Harold Robinson, 37, in a white pick-up truck, down State Street that day. Eventually, he crashed his truck into an alterations shop just south of 3300 S., where police opened fire.

The body camera footage shows how Robinson opened fire while driving along State Street, plus they show how Robinson was killed by police in a barrage of gunfire.

Police mapped out the route Harold Robinson reportedly took while he went on a shooting spree in Salt Lake County.  Overall, there were five different locations where Robinson reportedly opened fire, just within Salt Lake City limits, before SLC Police started chasing him.  They don’t include the convenience stores Robinson went to in Taylorsville and Millcreek.

First, Robinson was seen at the Sheraton Hotel near 500 South and 150 West.  Police say he was seen drinking a beer before getting out of his car, pulling out a long gun and firing at the hotel.  They say 65 people called 911 just about this shooting, alone.

After that, shots were reportedly fired near 111 South Main and 270 South State, near the Marriott Hotel.

The fourth scene was by the intersection of 500 South State.  Investigators say Robinson was seen throwing a glass bottle out of his window, then getting out of his vehicle.

“He then produced a long gun and shot numerous rounds into the intersection,” according to SLCPD Captain Jeff Kendrick.

The fifth scene was at 500 South and 200 East, where Robinson reportedly shot at a 2001 Geo Prism with two people inside.

Kendrick says, “Scene six occurred at the beginning of the pursuit when Robinson drove east on 500 South and an officer began following him.  Officers report on air that the suspect fired shots as they continued to pursue him.”

Police chased Robinson along State street through several red lights, reportedly firing his rifle at them several more times.  He crashed his truck at an alterations store south of 3300 South, which is where the final firefight happened.  Investigators are not yet able to confirm how many times Robinson was hit.

“As far as the active threat that we encountered in our city, our officers are trained to address the threat and stop it.  That’s what they did,” says Police Communications Director Christina Judd.

Out of the ten officer that have been put on paid administrative lead from this shooting, Judd says only three had their cameras activated.

In all, 15 officers from Salt Lake City, Unified Police and the Utah Highway Patrol were placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. West Valley City is conducting the review.