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Teen connected in Pink overdose deaths in Park City gets probation

PARK CITY – A teen who admitted to giving two 13 year old boys the drug Pink before they overdosed in 2016 takes a  deal to reduced charges.  The judge ordered her to probation and community service.

The juvenile was originally facing four counts of drug distribution, but she admitted to the lesser charge of reckless endangerment.

Judge Elizabeth Knight told the girl, who will not be named, that she is incredibly bright, but she has a history of letting people manipulate her.

“What I’ve noticed is that you know what you need to do, but, you get pressured in wanting to please, and, in every instance, it has been males,” Knight said, adding, “In wanting to please them and give them what they’re asking you to do, you’ve made really bad choices.”

Grant Seaver and Ryan Ainsworth died after taking the opioid and prosecutors say her friends told her how to order the drug through the dark net.  She reportedly used bitcoin to pay for them.  The girl had the drug shipped to her home so the boys’ parents wouldn’t see the package.

Knight said she knows the parents of the boys are still grieving.

“The choices that you’ve made really impacted not only your life, but also the lives of other people,” she said.

The teen also admitted to trying to receive a package of ecstasy in a McDonald’s parking lot in 2018.