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Firefighters at work prevention wildfire
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SLC firefighters’ survey shows strong fire danger this season

Firefighters put out hotspots north of Utah's state capitol building on July 24, 2018. Photo: Chopper 5

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City firefighters are asking for your help preventing a busy wildfire season from getting out of hand. They say the recent snow and rain have caused grasses and shrubs to grow, increasing the chance of a grass or wildland fire in town this season.

That’s particularly true when those plants start to dry out during the summer.

Firefighters recently completed their annual pre-plan assessment where they drove around town looking for trouble spots.

“The westside is a little bit more vulnerable simply because the fuels are already at higher heights, and they’re already starting to dry out in some areas. Whereas the eastside is still a little bit cooler, little bit greener, but that’s only going to last for a few more weeks,” said Captain Adam Archuleta.

But every neighborhood they surveyed had at least one trouble spot.

The department has also fought several grass fires this year, which is early for the season.

Archuleta says people have been pretty good about clearing the recommended 30 feet around their homes, but they’re encouraging everyone to remind their neighbors, friends, and family to keep their properties tidy to prevent the spread of wildfires.

Firefighters are also asking people to build their homes with fire-resistant materials or swap out wood roofs for fire safe ones.