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Eagle Mountain booms and shaking explained

Photo: Tooele Army Depot Facebook.

TOOELE, Utah — It’s Detonation Season, that’s what the Tooele Army Depot is saying.

At around 11 a.m. Monday several people told KSL about the booms and shakes they felt at in northwest Utah County and southwest Salt Lake County and reports came in that the ceiling shook at Eagle Mountain City Hall. Some wondered if it was another earthquake in the area or if it was coming from Camp Williams.

Officials with the Utah National Guard confirmed to the city that the Tooele Army Depot had some detonations at that same time. Their Public Affairs Officer told the Daily Herald there isn’t a typical range in which detonations can be felt but they usually tell Tooele county residents before testing and only do so when they meet the requirements according to their state permits and weather conditions.

They’ve also said they might need to start alerting more people.

The University of Utah Seismograph Stations said that the detonations were felt as far as they were because the detonations were above ground and most of that energy got trapped between the ground and the cloud layers.