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Wolverines wearing water bottles

The Wolverines receiving their diplomas at Utah Valley University might look like all the other graduates this year, but the gowns they’ll be wearing are a little different than most because they’re made of recycled plastic water bottles.

Senior Director of Alumni Relations Kevin Walkenhorst says the gowns may look like regular gowns but, they’re actually made completely out of recycled plastic bottles, 23 to be exact.

“If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t notice they were made of plastic,” he said.

The Green-Weaver gowns from Oak Hall were not the cheapest ones available to them, but, they weren’t the most expensive, either.¬†Walkenhorst says that with the 23 plastic bottles that go into every gown, and they’ve been told that the gowns that this graduating class will be wearing have kept the equivalent of 70,000 bottles out of landfills and that green focus is something he says is important to both UVU and a lot of their students.